There she was thinking about writing. Thinking about pulling out a sheet of parchment-uncreased, intimidating in its yellowness yet inviting.  There she was sitting by the fireplace, the warmth of it just barely reaching her unblemished fingertips. This was the place where she had all her memories, memories that would get her into a flurry of emotions. Heartbreak, joy, peace, animosity, passion…

            Slowly. Trembling at first-unconfident, she starts writing & then faster until she did not stop to think anymore until she had freed herself until she had inked ‘almost’ everything. ‘Almost’ because she could never say enough. ‘Almost’ because there was always more.

          There she was-her fingertips cold, all the warmth draining out of her tears rolling down her pretty eyes & then, a smile. A smile that was locked deep inside her heart, a smile ever so genuine, a smile that was suppressed by various emotions, a smile that was formed by the bliss of the moment. A smile like the first golden hued rays of sunrise kissing the morning dew. Sparkling.

           Looking down at the parchment which was no more just a piece of soiled paper but  rather contained a part of her, her soul. Now all she could do was rest her head on the cool wooden table by the couch. Tired from all the whirlwind of emotions she gently closed her eyes.

            The smile lingering on her delicate face.



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