He looked up, walls spanning up to the sky and 2 huge iron doors separating him and the kingdom. The huge doors creaked open, there was a shower of flowers and a procession taking place. 3 huge guards approached him and to his amazement shoved him aside, he hit the ground hard. He kept his calm. All this commotion quickly distracted him. The king and his associates were leaving the kingdom for some unknown reason.

           The prisoner or rather the ex-prisoner got up and dusted himself off. A soldier came towards him and took him to a small iron door close to the huge doors. He asked for his identity, not knowing what to do the ex-prisoner handed the piece of paper from the prison which stated that he was free and belonged to the Kingdom Of Axinite. The soldier asked him something, the ex-prisoner stayed shut bearing a perplexed look on his face. Not knowing what to do the soldier pushed the man into the door and closed it with a bang.

           The Kingdom Of Axinite. Built and ruled by the Axinites for over  7 decades. This vast and beautiful kingdom has one side facing the sea of Lathro and the other side spreading into the vast wilderness. Famous for their gemstones this city is the richest among the neighbouring kingdoms. More than the trade and business of gemstones this kingdom is known for its prison and their harrowing torture techniques. But, who would’ve thought that more than half of this beautiful city was burned down by invaders a decade and a half ago. Axinite being a wealthy nation and having a myriad of resources, this charred and incinerated kingdom was reinstated to its former glory in no time.

           Axinite is divided into 3 main regions. The ways to which are perfectly split into 3 at the huge iron doors i.e the main entrance into the kingdom. In the far left, lived the daily wagers and the lower class people. To the right of the entrance were the middle class men mainly consisting of merchants, traders, architects, artisans, calligraphers, translators etc. Straight up ahead, a beautifully constructed road with exotic statues and trees on either side led straight to the capital of Axinite, Krifmont. While the king stayed in his grandiose palace. The King’s personal associates stayed in mansions just nigh the grandeur castle walls.

         Gently, the man opened his eyes. Staring into a totally different looking environment. Not having a clue about the fact that the city had been rebuilt. He gently walked upto the soldier and spoke in a rusty low pitched voice “sir, where is Hauyne?” (Hauyne : Prounounced as Awe-ween) the soldier gently pointed to the left of the iron entrance.

           Perturbed & anxious by the drastic changes he paced faster than ever with his crooked leg and entered the village Hauyne. He remembers his old home where he and his happy family had spent beautiful times together like it was yesterday but this town was nothing like before, nothing like he remembered, nothing like he wished it would be. A plethora of emotions ran through his head. He walked to the side of the road and dropped on all fours gasping for breath.

For the next chapter: Chapter 3: Nostalgia

For Chapter 1: Chapter 1 : Emancipation


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