“I LOVE YOU ELIA! I LOVE YOU DAISY! PLEASE COME BACK. PLEASE”. He sobbed away at the side of the road. The elderly onlookers tried to avoid looking at him acting as though they hadn’t noticed him while the children pointed at him and laughed away.

           “Ingram could you please put Daisy to bed”, the last memory of the voice of his wife Elia played in his head over and over again. This sentence echoed in his head every night of the last 2 decades. Ingram – the man, the beast with no emotions had actually been crying himself to sleep every night from the past 20 years. Little did the soldiers know this. Little did the soldiers know that this man had tortured himself more than the guards did. Little did they know that this man cut a small line on his body for every day he was away from his loved ones. Little did they know, what kind of a man he truly was.

         It’s strange how the only pieces he held onto in his broken memory were Elia and Daisy. Not so strange because he actually had a clear memory of his life, Elia & Daisy. There’s no greater sorrow than to recall happy times when miserable. All Ingram could think of now was his past.

         His beautiful wedding day with Elia, he could clearly remember her dress and how beautiful she looked, too good to be true. He mumbled his vows of the wedding night while gasping for breath. He slowly sat back leaning against a wall head resting in his knees. His early marriage life flashed into his memory now. They had bough a small cozy house in the centre of the village. Growing fruits and vegetables in the backyard and selling them in front of the house was how they earned their living. While Elia sold these in the village, Ingram would go to Fargos, the town to the right of the iron gates to sell his farmery. Every night Ingram would come back home with food for the night while Elia made the fire. They would sit close to each other while they ate, caught up on their day and made random jokes on each other. Days passed on, each day more beautiful and self sufficient than the other.All was well.

           Now his memories shifted to Daisy. Daisy, their happiness in a physical form. Ingram went to Fargos on alternative days to spend time with Daisy when he was at home. The memories he created in those years were closest to his heart. Her first sound. Her first cries.Her first crawls. Her first words, funnily wasn’t mama or papa. It was ‘carrots’. That slowly turned into her nickname. To their amusement Carrots never liked carrots, which made it all the more funny. A tiny smile appeared on Ingram’s face.

             He slowly got up. From his memory ridden sob, dusted himself off. His tears had dried up but not his will to search for his family. He picked up a stick that he found beside him to help him walk better. Images of Daisy and Elia had never been so clear in his head before. He had a feeling he was home. Almost home.

For the next chapetr: Chapter 4: The brother at the door.

For Chapter 1: Chapter 1 : Emancipation


6 thoughts on “(Unnamed Story)-Chapter 3: Nostalgia

  1. This is a good series. I enjoyed your use of parallelism and vivid descriptions of the castle and the city (and appreciated the pronunciation of Hauyne).

    Personally — and I know this is only the first few chapters — I’d like to see more dialogue, possibly between Ingram and the other villagers. Suddenly he is out of prison, perhaps he would run into some people he used to know. It would be interesting to see how a man fresh out of prison would react to social conditions with which he is no longer familiar, along with his struggles to dissociate prison life with the free life. Further, I’m very interested in learning of what he did to end up in the prison in the first place. I’m sure this is your plan for later chapters, though.

    Overall it’s coming along nicely! You still have a blank slate in the story in which you can introduce pretty much any plot twist or new theme, which is good. That’s the thing that brings us back.

    Your writing is very nice and the story flows relatively well. I look forward to chapter 4. 🙂

    Do you have any ideas for the title yet?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I find it so difficult to give names to my characters and stories, there’s so much thought that needs to go in.I’ll surely think of one soon. I know i should do more dialogue, i’ll keep that in mind for the later chapters. Yeah! how and why he ends up in prison is for later. Thank you so much this really means a lot to me 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No problem! I am so looking forward to discovering why he was locked up. That’s what I was thinking the whole time! So you’ve got me hooked in that aspect!
        And I agree. Typically I think of good titles after I already publish the posts 😅

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah 😛 it’s better if I take my time on the name. I’ll surely try hard to keep it interesting. Thank you so much for all the feedback. It really helps a lot and keeps me going 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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