Bennet was there at the docks waiting for them to arrive. Clarice ran up to him and gave him a hug.

       “What happened Clar?” he asked out of concern, he knew something had gone drastically wrong. He could see it in both their eyes but he also figured they did not want to talk about it yet. He knew them well.

       “Let’s go home and talk about it” He said and started to walk.

        Ingram kept imagining that conversation over and over again, a dream being taken apart at its will. An entire family being ripped apart piece by piece. What is this place he asked himslf? this place, it’s his mind. It was his entire conscience being torn out-of-place, and being tortured until it bleeds out and gives up. Only here, he can’t give up. He wasn’t sure if he’s alive or dead, and it felt like this feeling had been here for years. There is nothing here except himself, the victim and his brain-the murderer. The torturer. The sinner. That’s all this is. He felt like there was a new hole in his chest holding him back from achieving his goal but this wasn’t going to hold him back because unlike all the other times, this time he has family to find his family. He had Clarice and Bennet.

         Clarice couldn’t breath, it felt as if someone was choking her. Her heart was racing and all she wanted to do was to curl up into a ball and wait for someone to save her. But no one would, no one was there. Drazahn’s message repeated itself in her head, a choked cry for help forced itself up her throat and she felt a drop run down her cheek.

         The walk was filled with emotions. Nobody spoke but they understood each other’s feelings. They reached home.

         Ingram wanted to be left alone so he asked Clarice to explain everything to Bennet. Ingram went and sat in the backyard.

         An oversized tree for a small backyard, a swing attached to one of its branches and a young girl trying to get onto it. She had fallen down thrice already but she wasn’t going to give up. Ingram got up to help her but Elia held his arm.

        “Just Look at her go” she said.

         Ingram smiled and watched his daughter fight her way onto the swing. He saw the sense of accomplishment on Daisy’s face when she finally climbed onto it but that face suddenly turned into an angry rant, she kicked and punched the air because the swing wasn’t moving her tiny legs couldn’t reach the ground. Ingram and Elia couldn’t hold their laughter, looking at her parents laughing Daisy grew even angrier. The non-vocal rant now became a full-blown crying tantrum. Ingram quickly ran to the swing and pushed it back and forth. The faster and higher the swing went, the more dazzling Daisy’s smile became and everytime Ingram would rest his arms and slowed the swing down Daisy would get angry. Finally after a lot of fluctuating emotions Daisy jumped down the swing and disappeared into the house.

          “Ingram please take Daisy to the bed, I’ll be there in a minute” she said. Daisy was running all over the house now and Ingram had to catch her, he played for a while and eventually picked her up and took her to bed. Elia came in a minute later and started a really weird story, halfway through the story Ingram drifted to sleep.

         “INGRAM!! INGRAM!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? WAKE UP!!”  Elia was shouting on top of her voice. He opened his eyes, but then the shouting doesn’t stop.

          He snapped out of it, it wasn’t Elia it was Bennet who was shouting. He had dozed off in the backyard, he got up and turned around. It was Bennet and he looked petrified.  “What happened brother?” he whispered.


For the next chapter: Chapter 11: The Letter

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