When the sun melts into night,
and when the light falls from the sky,
when the cold seeps into sleep,
and the angels dearly weep silver tears
onto the velvet black midnight.

When the wolves come out to scream,
and when the shadows start dancing,
When the world is black and white,
and the moon is dimly bright.
When the clouds have cleared away,
and the horrors come to stay.

When the night outside is freezing,
and the branches are gently swaying,
creating black spider-webbing shadows
on the grass sheathed in frost.
I swear to watch out when I’m alone,
in this pitch black of sorrow.

When you’ve left me stone, yet hollow
in the depths of this nightmarish place.
When what my mind used to be
was swaying green trees in distant spring,
when the golden light of heaven sings
a birdsong-encrusted melody.

And the fire in my heart would weep
burning tears of empathy
for a fellow lover bound and chained
by the sun’s amazing grace,
and when I would call my love to you,
and you would run screaming from me,
like I was part of this dark place,
instead of a gentle flame burning,
shedding light instead of ebony,
waiting to quench your soul with golden rays
and burn away all the tears on your face.
Was that too much to give away?
Am I too passionate for darkness?

You shine, girl, like the moon,
cold, hard, and dim,
nothing left within you.
Covered with dust
from the darkness
and never creating light.
Only allowed to reflect it,
never allowed to make it,
successful in freezing the earth
for half a day,
when the sun decides to sleep.



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