Dear Bennet & Ingram,

When you read this I would’ve left. Don’t worry I’m strong I will be alright. I know what I am doing is not right. I know how cruel this world is, I’ve seen it. You both have gone through a lot already, I have to do this on my own. Please do not come looking for me. I promise I’ll be back.

Bennet and Ingram, A lot has happened to me when we first came to Axinite. I lied a lot to you Ben, every day you were at work I used to go out in search of any small information on Ingram, Daisy And Elia. I have been to the worst parts of Hauyne and Vesuvanite. I was scared, I did not know why I was even going there but I had to. I had to for all of us to be together. I knew these were the places that would have all the inside and darkest secrets of this kingdom. It was this one day where I was in one of these places I knew something was wrong, people had already seen me here a few times but I wouldn’t give up going back because I needed the information. I knew I had to walk away from here but I was already too deep into the streets, I could see 3 men in cloaks from the corner of my eye. I slowly broke into a fast paced walk but it was no use, I stopped and decided to confront them. I don’t think they had any guts in them, they were young adults trying to be tough. They said horrid things to me, they came ever so close to me but I stood my ground. None of them even touched me, but they asked me to sleep with each one of them for if she wanted any information about her family. My conscience is as straight as possible Ben. I will do anything for my family, but I will also do nothing that will hurt them. It’s this thought that gave me more strength, made me stronger. I stood my ground against all the harassment, I kept our integrity intact. I was once asked whether I would like to go to Dybbukh and work in the palace there. I knew what I had to do to live there because I had heard enough about that place. I considered going there but I couldn’t leave you alone, I couldn’t lose everyone around me even though I knew that Dybbukh was the best gamble. Now I have Ingram to stay with you, I trust you with my life Ingram that’s why I am leaving for Dybbukh this time. Trust me with this.


         “NO!” Bennet shouted. The ever so calm Bennet had lost it. He threw everything in sight to the ground. Broken shards of pots and vase covered the floor.

         Ingram stared at the letter, “How could you do this, how could you! You said we’d find them together. You said whatever we do we do it together.” He whispered into the letter.

        They picked up a torch, their coats and the letter and left the house without even knowing what they were going to do.

         Night had fallen fast upon the land. No more than an hour ago the sky was painted with hues of red, orange and pink, but all colour had faded away leaving only a matt black canvas with no stars to be looked upon. The darkness was thick and the torch they carried hardly lit his path allowing him to see at most an arm’s reach in front of himself and the thoughts about where Clarice was made the walk worse for them.
Other than the darkness all that seemed to exist was the chilly wind’s harsh bite could be felt through their cloaks. He could feel the hair on his arm raised and the bite of the wind had left its marks in the form of small bumps that were tingling on their arms, but these bites were just on the flesh. There was something more hurtful going on inside them. The flames of their torch may have looked as though they burned warm, but their heat did never reach their hearts.

              They reached the main street of Hauyne.

             “Ben you go check the docks here and I’ll go to Vesuvanite. We meet here in    2 hours. There are no more exits right?”

           “There is one more, in Krifmont but it’s for the king’s personal use. So it cannot be used by us. She has to be here. Let’s get her back.” They hugged each other and left. Ingram passed on the torch to Bennet because he knew Vesuvanite had  lights on their street

           Ingram reached the docks. Far into his sight was a woman lying on the floor. Her golden curls shone bright, but Ingram’s face had lost all its light. He begged and prayed for her not be Clarice but he knew it was from the very first sight. With every step of his run his heart pounded harder, he reached her. He was shivering uncontrollably, but it was not the cold that was doing it.

            A streak of red rolled out of Clarice’s head and onto the floor. Ingram fell to his knees beside her. She was as cold as the night and her cloak was torn and had fallen a few feet away from her.

           “Clar! What have you done.”

For chapter 1: Chapter 1 : Emancipation


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